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Tiempo promedio de vuelo, distancia total de kilómetros. Venecia Marco Polo y Venecia Treviso. Aunque la población que ronda los veinte millones de habitantes pueda hacerla sonar algo caótica, esta es una vibrante urbe y centro cultural de gran riqueza con mucha historia, una escena artística muy fértil y variada gastronomía. Respaldado por Andrea Ruiz el 11 de Febrero, Me encanta el hecho de no tener que escoger vuelo de destino, si no que te busque cualquiera y te los agrupe por pais y despues de esto, te los ordene por precio.

Muy buena app. Respaldado por Manuel Rodriguez el 11 de Febrero, Respaldado por Ambiorix Martinez el el 11 de Febrero, Muy buena. Respaldado por Gabriela Velarde el 7 de Febrero, Respaldado por Circe Azul el 1ero de Febrero, Me encantó su app, hace 3 días la descargue para buscar mi viaje para Julio, ayer en la tarde me envío una alerta de precio. Clase de cabina y viajeros 1 adulto, Económica.

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  • Encuentra vuelos baratos de Valencia a Venecia Aeropuerto Internacional Marco Polo (VLC - VCE).

Vuelos a Ciudad de México. Compara tu billete avion Valencia - Venecia en vuelos regulares o vuelos low cost. Principales aerolíneas que vuelan Valencia - Venecia. Principales destinos en Italia. Tiempo en Venecia. El clima en Venecia. Valencia - Venecia. Vuelos París - Venecia. Vuelos Oporto - Venecia. Vuelos Bruselas - Venecia. With totally mixed up gates many missed flight. Professional, friendly, passionate, and caring crew. Amazing food. Smooth take off and landing. Quick and organized boarding. Checking the luggage at Athens Airport.

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Customs staff for tax refund also at Athens Airport. Nothing was outstanding, I do like the hard candy treats they hand out prior to flight. It was such a nightmare at the gate. We were standing in line and then were shoved aside by other passengers and the attendants did nothing to help keep order when boarding. Also we had paid to upgrade our seats to extra leg room and they had given our seats away to a handicap person. Terrible customer service. Rude and unhelpful. They refused to do a spelling change on my name and forced me to purchase a second ticket.

My ticket included a bag, but they charged me for it again at the airport.

Encuentra vuelos baratos de Valencia a Venecia (VLC - I31)

I sent in supporting docs to the feed back section on the website requesting a refund for the extra I have paid. For a Ryanair flight, this was perfect! New aircraft with Sky Interior, the crew were cheerful and had something from the catalogue I requested but couldn't find on previous flights, we arrived early in Oslo and deboarded within minutes! Absolutely no complaints from me for this one. Muchísimo ruido de los alumnos de un colegio gritando y moviéndose por el avión y nadie, nadie les decía nada.

Siendo el horario de cuelo tan temprano mucha gente prefiere dormir o descansar un poco y era imposible.

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The flight attendants were very short and not helpful. I pumped breast milk and asked for a bit of ice and they gave me four cubes.

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When I asked for a bit more after first service they again gave me four cubes. Not very kind and treated me like I was bothering them. The plane was comfortable the free drinks and food and crew were friendly. The moment to enter to the airplane needs to be more organized. The food served was terrible. No air conditioning during the time we were waiting inside the airplane.

Again contact to customer service ahead of the flight was impossible I sent 3 messages about travel with ESA dog and got no response. Asientos no cómodos. Airplane so uncomfortable. Food horrible. Not even available for one of us what we ask for on what was offered.

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Bad taste and not what can be on a that length of time flight. Entertainment controls were outdated and confusing to operate. There were no charging ports. The flight was smooth, the service was friendly, and the food with plentiful. Too much activity in the cabin during the flight.

Muy amable la tripulación y la limpieza del avión a pesar de haber subido en una escala. The boarding is very bad, you can not board people in 15 minutes, the result will be, you will arrive one hour late! Also, Why the crew wear gloves when pick up left overs but not when serving the food? Really the crew training, it is very poor to sat the least. I had to switch pants mid flight because I was sweating. And these flights are too long for standard seats. Not enough XL seats available. The plane its so big and we arrived in barcelona on time its my second time.

The airport was not well organized some parts very unattractive and lots of walking. The boarding process with the automatic check in was inefficient requiring so many staff. Requiring another security check before boarding seemed redundant and disorganized. Bathrooms were not convenient.

Vuelos baratos de Valencia a Venecia desde 66 € - KAYAK

Seats were "old style" - still had some cushioning. The flight indeed reached it's destination in Prague. Flight was 20 minutes late to get in to Rome. Boarding was a zoo. First a huge single line crawling through the gate.

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Then, overloaded buses taking squeezed passengers to the plane. Another 35 minute delay to taxi. While not a budget carrier, food and even water is only for sale. Terrible landing. Gates were changed without notice, had to go through security twice because of that, no signs at the gate or announcement about the gate change, rude personnel at boarding, trying to make you check in your bag even when it is within carry on limits. Huge delays and no information- not possible to speak to Czech Airlines at all- really appalling service. Terribly unhealthy food choices.